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Easy, yet powerful, task and project management
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04 Sep 2014
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2.3 MB
Windows XP or later



Due Today offers a powerful solution to organize your tasks and projects using a mixture of David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology and your own organizational scheme.


  • Uses the Getting Things Done (GTD) method
  • Set start dates so you won't be bothered by your tasks until the appropriate date
  • Set a task as "floating" so that it will remain in your "Today" box until you complete the task
  • Create subtasks
  • Daily overdue reminder so you won't forget todos not finished on the previous day
  • Create projects and subprojects
  • Superior filtering function
  • Syncs with ToodleDo
  • Provides several different views for organizing your tasks
  • Create new tasks using a user-defined hotkey to create a task without leaving your current app

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