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Easy, yet powerful, task and project management
Full Internet Access
This is required for synchronizing your tasks with online services
Read Calendar Events
Due Today has the ability to add tasks to your calendar as an appointment. This permission is used to read the available calendars from your device
Add or Modify Calendar Events and Send Email to Guests
This permission is only used for adding a task as an appointment to your calendar. No emails are sent nor appointments created without your express permission
Read Phone State and Identity
If you're using a non-Android Market version, this is used in order to read the IMEI for registration purposes. If you're using a Market version, this is added only for backwards compatibility with Android 1.5 (it's added automatically by the OS).
Modify/Delete USB Storage Contents Modify/Delete SD Card Contents
Due Today features a task backup system which allows you to backup and restore your tasks to the storage card
Your personal information
Due Today provides the ability to convert a task to a calendar appointment. This permission is used to read the available calendars and to write the task to the selected calendar
Control Vibrator
This is needed in order to use the phone's vibration control for reminders
View Network State
This is used to determine if Due Today can sync its data when a network connection is present
Automatically Start At Boot
When you reboot your phone, Due Today needs this permission in order to reset all notifications and synchronization services as all reminders and schedules are cleared by the operating system during a reboot
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